How to Get Cheapest Sports Car Insurance

You own a sports car than you’re probably the coolest guy in neighborhood. Mostly you like the feel of wind blowing in your hair and the growling sound of the engine but at the end you have to pay for the privilege especially huge amounts of insurance per year could spoil it for you. If you are finding it difficult to bear huge maintenance costs including insurance cost than worried worry no more because there are some policies in which you can reduce your insurance amount significantly. Here we will discuss some tips to reduce your insurance bill.


Sports Car


Before we get started you need to understand why you are paying higher premiums on your beloved car than average vehicle. Premiums are associated with risk that your asset has the more risk the more high premiums. In General Sports cars are considered more high risk vehicles than regular cars. Statistically as well Sports cars are more likely of theft or accident, and the accidents are more brutal as the high speed they run on. More so the costs of repairs and replace are higher so the claims are higher too and result of all these factors is higher car insurance. So if some how you can minimize these factors you can reduce your premium amount.


As Sports cars are more expected of getting stolen what you can do is increase your Anti-Theft protection. With use of Immobilizers, VIN – etching on windows, trackers and alarm Systems can make your car harder to steal for which insurance companies would award you with less insurance premiums. So you like high speed, maneuvering and responsiveness, that don’t mean you should drop $70,000 or more on a new car. You should consider finding a traditional sports car with less replacement charge, it will have lower insurance premium.



In order with last tip if your car isn’t valued much, you can stop paying for collision and or comprehensive coverage which would save to more than 40% in premiums a year. You would meet the legal condition of insurance as long you have liability coverage and ownership of your car outright. But be prepared of paying yourself in case of theft or accident or vandalism. Increase your deductible to higher amount and keep the rest of amount you pay for premiums for the day you do need some repair. Try to find some insurance company that offers discounts for membership like CAA, and ask your employer with they have any association with the company as there might be a discount for your profession or trade.


At the time of renewal approach at least 3 different insurance companies. It will help in you getting lowest rates as well as help comparing the insurance quote. Get combine insurance policies, like when you insure your home and your sport car at the same time with same insurance company. Surly this company will offer you some discount on car insurance as well as on home insurance. Since you have a sports car doesn’t mean you have to race to the grocery store or lay rubber every chance you get. One thing to keep in mind that reckless driving will often lead to traffic tickets or accidents. So drive safely to maintain your cheap car insurance premiums and avoid getting hurt.

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